Jaguar en la Selva Necklace

Jaguar en la Selva Necklace


The jaguar is a bold, solitary creature – and it shows in this distinctive piece: the crystal beading embroidery will flatter your neckline when paired with simple top and the eyes of the jaguar making the statements for you.

Handmade with love by an Embera Chami woman. All of our pieces are made by hand, making each one unique; appearance may vary when you receive your accessory.

Size: One Size

Designer: Makua


  • Style: COL0024
  • Crystal bead work made by Embera Chami indigenous community. Metal piece hand made in gold plated brass 24 karats.
  • Color: Multi, Gree, Yellow

Measurements: H: 22 cms, W: 15 cms

Weight: 81 grams